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Offline Adress Book Issue

Hi there,

I have searched High and low both on the net aswell as here, and i dont seem to find the resolution to my problem! There is almost similair issues but i think they not quite the same as mine.
Here goes all off a sudden i noticed that one of my cas servers OAB folder is empty and on my other cas servers on site they not.

My enviroment looks like this win2008 SP2 CCR exchange 2007 SP3 rollup 3 OAB sit on this server, then on my HUB|CAS server thats in the same site does not seem to update no files in the directory.
I have done the following sofar:
On cas server restarted FDS service then in event viewer i get the following message
event1021 process MSexchangeFDS.exe(PID=11308). Could not find directory\\servername\exchangeOAB\b7...... this is normal if directory has never been created, otherwise make sure directory and share has read permission for "exchange servers" group.
and just after that i get a message
Event ID: 1008
Process MSExchangeFDS.exe (PID=11308). Offline Address Book data synchronization task has completed successfully. OAB name: "Default Offline Address List", Guid: b7792677-5140-464c-aa00-10bf94e4257f
Now i read that on ccr ther is a issue that u cant access the path, my problem is I can access that path but like i say its empty. And that u need to apply rollup 5 for SP1 but i am running SP3

I have also checked permissions to this share and exchange servers has read permission.

I am really at wits end not sure what could be the issue.

Must i rather recreate the OAB and if so what will the impact be when i do that live?

Hope someone can shed some light on this for me

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rebuilding the OAB is not a massive issue - you should do it out of hours if you are worried.
but it only matters if your clients are running in cached mode

have you compared the permissions to the other servers?
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Cool, i first want to see if its something i am overlooking if i dont come right  the next day or two ill rebuild it.. yup compared permissions on all me CAS servers
My enviroment also run on CCR and we 2 CAS/Hub Transport servers. In both CAS server, I have

C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\ClientAccess\OAB\b5dbeea9-2302-4d1a-8440-b9384a3e116b

In this directory, there alot of file .lzx and one oab.xml file.

In your case, the better option is to create new offline address book
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Also, have you checked your EnableOABGenOnThisNode is pointing to the currently active server: