Lost admin password for Macbook Air

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I’ve lost my Administrator password for my Macbook Air. Looking in Help it says you can reset the password by inserting the setup media but I don’t seem to have that either. Am I stuck? Is it possible to get hold of replacement master media? And just to check, when the box pops up asking me to enter my username & password, is the username which is pre-populated in the box (which is my full name in upper case) definitely the correct name, or could it be that it’s it that’s wrong rather than the password?
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can you login to the administrator user account when you switch users?

Usually the username in these fields where it asks you to validate installs etc is containing your shortname which is 99.9% of the time, lowercase (your name without spaces).

I imagine from this your account is a normal user and not administrative so the likelihood of creating a new account for temporary use to reset the main admin account is out of the question..
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you haven't mentioned which version of OS X?

regardless, this might help.

turn your mac off. restart while hold Apple key + S key all together until you see black screen with white text.

once you get a blinking prompt, type  /sbin/mount -uw /    <<<<< remember spaces

then next thing we need to do is get your username exactly what is it. so type,

dscl . list /Users

you will get a long list of users including system users.  if they are going too fast and you cannot see the whole of them then type dscl . list /User |more

you need to find what your username is (exactly) . lets say it is myusername

the next step is to reset the password

type :  sudo passwd myusername
it will ask you for a new password
type it twice ( the text will not appear as you type)

once you have done that, it should reset.

type reboot and the computer will restart

see how it goes
Do you have 10.7 or 10.6 running? There is a huge difference between them in terms of reseting your password.
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How about your root password for the CLI.  Did you ever enable that and set it?  If so, just open a terminal and type 'login root' enter the root password and then you can change the password of any user.  

How about the superuser group?? I can't remember if that is just for Linux or if Mac OS uses it also


How do I find out if I have 10.7 or 10.6 running?
Type "sw_vers" on the command line.  Or open the "System Profiler" (About this Mac --> More Info) and select "software"

defaults read /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion 'ProductVersion'

Mount the disk in the external drive and look in


OS is 10.6.8, pzyhlarz

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