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watchgaurd QOS setup

can somebody explain to me the process of setting up QOS on a watchguard. at present there are 2 sites both with an xtm330. these sites are linked with a fiber lan extension (so effectively 100mbps lan connection). port 0 is for adsl conections, port 1 is lans and port 2 is the link. the main reason for this is to ensure the phone system isnt affected by other network traffic during busy times or when burst large data is transferred.
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Are you doing extended LAN or are you having all traffic go through the Watchguard and using VPN?
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Three part that will be relevant to achieve it.
See below overview. For setup, I see mainly as "Define a Traffic Management action"|StartTopic=Content%2Fen-US%2Fqos_trafficmanagement%2Fconnection_bandwidth_set_limits_c.html|SkinName=WSM (en-US)

A traffic management queue with reserved bandwidth and low priority can give bandwidth to real-time applications with higher priority when necessary without disconnecting. Other traffic management queues can take advantage of unused reserved bandwidth when it becomes available.

You can use QoS Marking on a per-interface or per-policy basis. When you define QoS Marking for an interface, packets leaving that interface are marked. QoS Marking for a policy marks traffic that uses the policy.

Traffic prioritization at the firewall allows you to manage multiple class of service (CoS) queues and reserve the highest priority for real-time or streaming data. A policy with high priority can take bandwidth away from existing low priority connections when the link is congested and traffic is competing for bandwidth.

Also see this EE on watchguard
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the phone system is on say on one site and on the other site so the traffic management needs to be applied to any traffic between these 2 ip addresses across sites, the link is port 2 on both wguards, which is obviously sharing the connection with data traffic so this needs to take priority over any other traffic so do i need to setup a policy on the port or create some rules for these ip's on each wguard with a policy applied??
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