Teaming Broadcom and Intel NICs and Hyper-V

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Has anyone teamed an Intel NIC with a Broadcom NIC, and also assigned that team to a virtual network in Hyper-V?

On paper I know this is possible but I'm looking for any advice on whether it is a sensible thing to do, and whether anyone has experience of doing it.

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Thanks for that link, interesting read.

My environment is Windows Server 2008 Enterprise x64 ("R1"). Anyone with experience with this OS?
I've network teamed Broadcom Extreme adapters which were all similar. Never had a server with different NICs before though. I'm curious if BASC would even complain about it.
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BACS supports Multi Vendor Teaming, but I have read conflicting reports regarding its performance and reliability.
I personally like to pair things that are alike.
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Just be aware teaming is not supported by Microsoft for Hyper-V
These two guides worked for me however I was teaming with NIC's  from the same vendor.

NIC Teaming in Server Core or Hyper-V Server

How to configure teaming and VLANS on Hyper-V
I've got mixed NIC's on all of our servers and wouldn't attempt to team NIC vendors.

Best performance would be from teaming similar NIC's IMO.

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