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Adobe Reader 9 - "Access Denied" Attachment error in outlook

Hello fellow Experts,

Im having a problem within outlook 2010, the problem is when trying to open PDF documents that are attachments.

When I try opening the attachment I get an error as such "Access Denied"

The funny thing is when I drag the attachment to the desktop im able to open the attachment.

The version of Adobe reader is 9 I can’t upgrade as I have custom software that is not supported but Adobe Reader x

The environment is a Terminal Server setup.
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Problem with outlook temp folder, go to following location on registry and change the folder.
"OutlookSecureTempFolder"="Change the Default folder here"

Open in new window

Default folder looks like following:
C:\\Users\\username\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Windows\\Temporary Internet Files\\Content.Outlook\\7M4QI84X\\
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Thanks for you possible solution, where do you want me to change the folder too?
Yes, create a folder on that location, check the permission and update the same on registry.
Try uninstall adobe Reader 9 and re-installing it

Id also check that SP1 is installed

there were a few known issues with PDFs

And lastly, check to see if cached exchange mode is on
If it is try turning it off
@ apache09

Thanks for you comment.

I have tried reinstalling but this did not work. Its a terminal server environment so cached mode is off in outllook.

All updates are installed.

@ TechnoChat

Just waiting for confirmation on your fix
Have you created a new folder and updated on the registry?

Is the problem still there?

The problem I found with updating the registry is that I would have to do this for every single user on the Terminal server as they pointing to a different folder location for each user.

I changed this location for my account on the server and it still happens.

This now also happens to Word documents.
Do this..
- Create a folder C:\SHAREDTEMPFOLDER
- Give Everyone/Authenticated Users Full Permission on that folder.
- Modify the default users registry settings, which will be applied for all users on next logon.

Open in new window

Do a test on above settings, hope this will do the job.

NOTE : Above registry value might not be there, you have to manually create that or download the attached txt file, rename it to .reg and import to the server.


I have created a policy file for you, you can use this policy file to apply the settings from group policy.

Thanks for you solution but this has not worked.
What eror message your are getting now, after changing the temp folder?
Did you tried with policy?
If you manually change the folder on single user, problem getting resolved?
I set this in GPO The error when opening attachements is "access denied"
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Question not answered but need to close, thanks for everyone's input