NetApp FAS2040 dual stack capable?

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We have a FAS2040 with dual controller into single enclosure. There is no 4 port external SAS capable. It's just one SAS port per controller for a total of two SAS ports

My question is, can I configure this into a dual stack? We have a FAS 2245 and 4243 which are not single stack compatible.

I'm almost certain the answer is no but I wanted to consult with the forum first to make 100% sure there is no workarounds in cabling or what not

Thanks again
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Paul SolovyovskySenior IT Advisor
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Per documentation the 2040 supports the following:

Controller Hardware Configurations
Single controller, active-active or active-passive controllers in an HA pair
Back-End (Disk) Configurations
Best practice: Dual-path with standalone and multipath HA storage (MP-HA) for HA pairs
Supported: Single path with standalone or HA pairs

How many shelves do you have and which model FAS? Are you talking about dual stack (having each controller manage only it's own stack of shelves) or dual path (both controllers connected to the same shelves)?


We have two shelfs DS4243 3GB IOM and 2246 6GB IOM so they cannot be in the same stack. They need two stacks.

FAS 2040 dual head single enclosure. Top SAS port goes to the top IOM of the disk shelf. Botton SAS port goes to the botton IOM SAS port. DS4243 is used for backups and DS2246 for production data.

I guess technically we could put the top FAS SAS port on one disk shelf and the botton one on the other disk shelf? But then we aren't HA and if one FAS controller head goes down, the other won't take over?
you can make it dual stack but it wont be MPHA --- it will be Mixed Path

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