How to convert TRS Connector Jack to wireless

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I have a home theater system where speakers connected through wires.i dont want to change those system.

What i need to change is the way the laptop connects to Hometheatre
through phone jack or TRS jack shown below :

I want to make to wireless.I think it is very possible.
If you know any products which do this let me know the links to buy
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I am from india ..where to buy from india?
not sure, their distributors do not list India.  Try emailing them directly and asking the best place to buy one
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There are a number of bluetooth based wireless units on the market.  If your laptop has bluetooth you only need the receiver and if not you can buy a inexpensive usb bluetooth dongle.  Probably end up bit lower cost.

Here's a logitec unit,


The Logitec brand may be easier to find locally (or closer than North America anyway) as likely any outlet that carries logitec hardware could order one for you if its not a typical stock item.  Sony and Belkin also have similar units.  If you google 'bluetooth audio' or 'bluetooth audio receiver'  you will find a few  others.  I've got no recommendation as to any specific vendors that ship to India.

I've been looking at doing a wireless audio bridge between old audio gear this past week and have looked at a fair number of options.  Lots of receivers not so many transmitters,  mostly in around the $ 40-80 range for a receiver alone.

The Audiopro unit would be perfect if the receiver was battery powered.  Still looks like a better option than most other alternatives  I've seen so far for what I need.  Thanks for the links on that unit guys.

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