Domino 8 and MySQL

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I would like to develop a Domino application which uses as its data store a MySQL db.

I waas hoping someone could offer some advice on what is required for this to be set-up i.e. how do I tell tell Domino about the MySQL db so that I can write agents to create, update, read and delete data.

I have written agents many many years ago for Domino applications to use SQl Server as a back-end db but I have forgotten what I did to allow the agent to access the data - I know about setting up connection, creating SQL etc

It is what is required for Domino to know about the MySQL db that has me confused.

I hope someone can help.


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Notes/Domino can use ODBC. See the Designer help on ODBC and LCConnection class.

You need to install an ODBC driver for your MySQL db and set it up correctly.

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