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Canada paypal and India

I have an Indian friend who is working in India, they have paypal account. They have done some works for a company in Canada but there is some issue with paypal working between canada and India, not too sure what the problem is etc. any way.

if you are in india and someone is in canada how can you receive payment other then using paypal.

the overall money they are owed is only 4100inr or 47 British pounds

how would the best way for this person to receive the money from Canada.

thanks for any input.

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What about a bank transfer? It should cost about 5 bucks in taxes which is probably what paypal would also charge anyway. Just ask at the Canadian bank about the most cost effective way to send money to India.
you can use money transfer services i.e. western union or go to an ICICI or SBI bank branch in Canada
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You could try to find a trusted person, may be common friend, who's traveling from Canada to India.

Or cheaper, unsafe, but sometimes is working: put the bills (only paper currency) in aluminum foil nice packed and then glued in a double page postcard in an envelope and send it normal by post. But there is no proof that you sent the money.
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thanks all very much