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Yesterday I tried showing a user how to archive their own mail.  They do not want to use the automatic archive feature, and actually prefer archiving specific, whole mailbox subfolders.  So we went through the Outlook 2010 manual archive process as follows:

Select File, Mailbox Cleanup Tools, Archive.
Dotted "Archive this folder and all subfolders.
Selected (highlighted) the specific mailbox subfolder.
Entered 5/21/2012 for the "Archive items older than" option
Checked "Include items with "Do not AutoArchive" checked
Selected the specific Archive File destination.

The selected test folder had 15 mail items dated from 9/22/2011 to 3/27/2012.  
After the archive completed, it created the subfolder in the destination archive pst file, but only one item was archived, and it was dated 3/27/2012.  The remaining 14 mail items where not archived.

So I went to my desk, and created a test mailbox subfolder with items in it using the same manual archive parameters, and it only archived one item when I wanted to archive the whole subfolder.

This just does not seem right.  Of course I can manually move the folders as an alternative, but that involves more user interaction of which may cause data loss and errors, etc.  

So, my question is what is the correct procedure to manually archive whole mailbox subfolders?
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1 - The user creates their own folders
2 - Sort mail by date and move
3 - Sort mail by size and move (I actually do this one first)


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1. Yes the user creates there own mailbox subfolders.
2. Sorting by date or size have no bearing since the whole folder needs to be archived.
3.  Just as long the mail needed to archived falls after the date after than is all that matters.

Your response was pretty vague, and you may be referring to sorting mail in a given folder and moving it to an identical archive location.
My experience with "AUTOARCHIVE" has never been a happy one, and I always do this process manually, which is, I believe, what kdyer is suggesting: that your user do the ENTIRE process manually. i.e:

1. First decide what he/she wants to archive.
2. Choose the folder names that he/she wishes to use. (For example: Inbox\Office\Meeting Notes.)
3. Create in "Archive.PST" the same sub-directory = Archive\Inbox\Office\Meeting Notes.
4. Select the items the user wishes to archive, and drag them to the appropriate Archive sub-directory.

This is definitely the most reliably safe way of ensuring that what you want to archive is, in fact, archived!
cmp119IT Manager


Receiving a response from both experts validated my suspicion. Thank you for the reponses fellas.

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