SBS 2008 with a dual wan router

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We have an SBS with a dual wan router. When we run the internet wizard it seems to fail at the end. It can't find an internet connection, but the server and clients can surf the web. Can we ignore this error?

Windows SBS 2008 internet connection wizard error
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The error usualy just indicates UPnP is disabled so it canot configure the router, which is fine.
It is actually much more secure to have UPnP disabled and manually configure the router.
MS seems to have made a roundabout concession to the fact that not all routers are UPnP, and allows you to skip the test anyway. RobWill is right about the security issues of UPnP; see this Wikipedia article for an overview of these problems:

... about two-thirds of the way down the page.

Unfortunately, convenience trumps security again...

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