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Windows Mobile 6 to 7 Application Portability

I have a business application that was designed for Windows Mobile 6 Classic - CE OS 5.2.1711 (Build 18165.0.5.0).  We need to update to Windows Mobile 7.  Has anyone dealt with this problem?

I am aware that we can drop a CAB file on the Win Mobile 7 device, but we are stuck with a custom installer that uses Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5.  The company that developed the installer and program, has sold to another company.  The new company did not receive the base code or separate CAB file.

We appear to be stuck with this for the next 1.5 years.  We know that HP iPAQs and other older devices will work, but we specifically migrated to a Windows based HTC Touch Pro II, one year ago.  This allows our drivers to use one device (Cell Phone / Pocket PC) for their daily activities.  These phones are now obsolete and unavailable.

Any suggestions?
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It's not possible to port Windows Mobile 6 apps to Windows Phone 7.5, coz they are using total different approach for their application. Windows Mobile 6 using native exe file for apps which is restricted in Windows Phone 7.5.

If you have the source code for Windows Mobile 6 apps, then you can re-write your apps with available API on Windows Phone.
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Sorry, I said Base Code, meant Source Code.  Source Code was not provided, per my original statement.
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