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   I would like to setup Xendesktop lab on my laptop.  My laptop is HP Core I7, with 8gb ram and 1TB hdd and it has VT enabled.  I have vmware workstation 7 installed. Can anyone please suggest if it is possible for me to install xendesktop and pracise ? I would like to use Vsphere as a Hyperviser as I was told i cannot install windows guests on virtual xenserver.  Please give me details of which VM's to be installed and for what purpose?
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You need to have Hyper-V, VMware vSphere (ESXi) and vCenter Server or XenServer to test and use XenDesktop.

with 8GB of RAM on your laptop, unlikely, although VMware Workstation can support these hypervisors.
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I already have Vsphere 5 installed on vmware workstation and can install 64 bit Guests as well. Just wanted to know what all I need to install and on which servers to have complete Lab of XenDesktop.
You will need a vCenter Server installed on Windows 2008 R2, and you will need Active Directory domain controller, XenDesktop Controller Server installed on Windows 2008 R2

and finally a Golden Image Master based on Windows 7, and resources also to deploy a Windows 7 VM.

with 8GB laptop, you will struggle, and performance of a nested ESXi will be very poor.
Ideally NO..
You need minimum 4 GB RAM with 4 core processor for Hypervisior to give you the least permoamnce with couple of Virtual desktops.

Virtaul center on 2008 R2
Desktop delivery controller on 2008 R2
License server and Web Interface on a single server or two -2008 R2
A domain controller-2003 or 2008 *
A data base server- can be on any of the above or a new server. Express edition(?).

Exception- Quick deploy option allows you to have all these roles on a single server + an hypervisor...

Considering the quick deploy an Hypervisor + your laptop with workstation is enough!!
Let em know if you have any questions please
Hi Shibu

  Sorry i am not clear about quick deploy option, can you pl explain ? Can i have all the components except DC in one server ? then DC and Hypervisor.

I have one more physical server, dl380g3, it has no VT in Bios which means I can only install Hypervisor like esxi5 but cannot install 64bit guest.  If i use it as a Hypervisor and I should be able to use laptop for all other roles and demonstrate xendesktop deployment ?
The DL380G3 has no Intel-VT support, does not support ESXi 4.x or ESXi 5.0, and will not support any virtualised 64 bit Operating System.

It's scrap.

I would not recommend quick deploy as an option.
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