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I have a problem to build the SMTP adress of my users, after a lotus migration:

Within my exchange 2007, my Email Adress policy gives

All exchange users email adresses are like "" because in my AD, lastnames are uppercase.
I'd like to give proxies smtp like ""
How could I do?
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If I read what you are saying...  You have an issue with the system capitalzing the lastname portion of the email addresses when using a policy.

Check out the following article:

You have to add the following in front of your address structure to keep it all lowercase:


Hope that helps!
So it would be:


This might help:

Script to pull the current primary, change it to all lowercase, drop it back in, and turn off email address policy for the user account (so that policy doesn't revert these changes).

Couple of problems with that: One, it only addresses existing accounts, not new ones. Two, if you change your email address policy in the future, you'll have to run something to re-enable it for most of your users.

Exch10, even if the method I linked to is the one you used, mmicha's information is much better, because it doesn't create the problems I mentioned in my comment above.

Please have a moderator adjust the accepted solution. mmicha provided an A+ answer.


Thanks to you. My research arrive to the good solution for me:

Have to install QuestAD commandlets

Get-QADUser -SearchRoot "OU=Users,OU=TestOu,DC=MyDomain,DC=Net" | Select Name, sAMAccountName | Export-csv -path c:\temp\username.csv -NoTypeInformation

Import-Csv c:\temp\username.csv | foreach{Set-QADUser -identity $_.Name -samAccountName ($_.sAMAccountName).Tolower()} | Select-Object Name, samAccountName


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