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Backup Exec 2012 Jobs to deduplication storage constantly fail with error V-79-57344-33045

I started to have issues with B2D to a deduplicaton location about 3 weeks ago. We where using BE 2010 R3 at the time and the deduplication folder would keep going offline after reboots or when starting a inventory. I check the paper for that on symantec and did the usual changing the logon account for the services but nothing helped. Then we upgraded to BE 2012 in the hope that it would help. No such luck, now NONE of the jobs would work. I finaly was able to get some working after recreating all the jobs definitions.

But then now it started again and the deduplication storage keep going offline again with error V-79-57344-33045. When I do a check of the dedup, it says it's available. Also when I pause it and unpause, then it shows online again. But as soon as I start an inventory it fails and goes back offline. All that I have been reading about this error V-79-57344-33045 related to tapes and nothing relates to deduplication.

I made a call to symantec, and after about a week of playing phone tag, the tech tells me he cannot handle deduplication issues. As always Symantec support is useless... and a pure waste of time. Now I did get a few jobs to run this week-end on the deduplication but none of the subsequent jobs are working.

The server is 2008R2 SP1, 16Gb Ram and a 10TB deduplication partition.

I am just hopping that someone may have encontered this issue. I am wondering if I should just wipe the server clean and re-install BE from scratch...
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What you mean deduplication file? Is that a file that is being backed up with the trouble job? Or a file on the deduplication storage itself?

Thank you in advance.