Writing Technical Requirement Specs Against Functional Requirement Specs

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I am asked to write a Technical Requirement Document against the Functional Requirement Document based on the project i have completed.
I have the following questions:
1. When is a Technical Spec required. Is it at the end of the project or at the begining of the project? And who is the audiance of this document?
2. What other documents can be prepaired after the Functional Specs and Technical Specs are produced. For example, What documents are prepaired by testers to start work on test cases.
3. What is the scope of this document? In the document i have prepaired, I have supported the technical specs with Use Cases, ERD diagrams, Data Flow Diagrams,. To sum it all up, it contains the detail architectural design of the system where the user interaction with web page is supported by Use Cases, the database design is supported by ERD, and details of data flow is supported by DFD. What is the level of depth required in this document. Do i provide code peaces also?
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The questions sound vaguely like homework questions for a Software Engineering course.  Is this correct?  If so, then providing direct answers is not appropriate for this forum.  However, I'd be happy to help you get started to finding the answers that you need.

According to the Software Development Life Cycle, the Specifications phase comes after the Requirements Analysis phase and before the Design phase.  Based on this, you should be able to surmise the audience for this document.

To answer the second question, think about what the Functional and Technical Specifications documents define -- they should include defined inputs, functions being performed, and outputs of the environment, as well as feedback to the Requirements phase (if the requirements were ill-defined).  Based on this, what other phases can the spec docs be used for?

The third question alludes to a lot more from the Design phase than the Specs phase, but having this data available at the Specs level will make the design easy.  Usually, code fragments for critical components (such as calculations) are also done in the design stage, but can be in the specs stage, too, if they are really critical.  For example, a tax calculatiohn would likely be in the Specs document (or perhaps even in the requirements docs).

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