Something like Google AdSense but for Software

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hi i search something like googles adsense to gain money from my software.
i know it would be easy to just place adsense onto my software
but this is not allowed in the EULA of google. Does anyone know something similar where
advertising in software is allowed?
thanks in advance.
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first link:
this is all about browser ads i 'm looking for ads to place in executable software e.g. exe (they can be browser ads but just inside a "real" pc program)
and this is adsense, well i would love to use adsense but this is forbidden in the EULA
man this site is about adsense i need a suggestion which is NOT adsense

second link
the links to cydoor are down and they are considered spyware
the other links are about advertising in opera (opera looking for advertisers) and a link to getright where an antispyware statement is placed

man did u read the question? did u a 5 sec google search?
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I read the question "man"...
What you want is to advertise things within your software, right?
Something similar to the android

You can always try to do this like Second life, embedding the advertisements in ELEMENTS of your program, ie banners along the side etc.

Don't know what kind of software you are developing and want to place ads in it, but you can ask companies to pay you to include their ad in your software like Second life does, embedding the advertisements in ELEMENTS of your program, ie banners along the side etc.  No software I know of for this, you probably need to make a deal with each company you want advertised and code in your ads.

Note that all software probably has an online presense, like a site or a webpage at least, and there you can use ALL online tools and techniques mentioned on the first link.

Good luck.

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