Infopath Form Submitted on Sharepoint2010

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Hi Experts,

  I have an Infopath form I need to publish it to Sharepoint then I need to attach a workflow with that form, but my question is the user can save-update-save the form several times before it is submitted to the workflow stage. How can i solve it please help me.
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MontoyaProcess Improvement Mgr

If you're publishing the form to SharePoint, and if they are clicking on New from SharePoint, then when the click on Save, then they should not be able to just save the form over and over before the workflow starts.

Are you using form services, or the InfoPath client?
In either case, after the initial submission, the workflow should kick off without issues. I'm curious about how they are saving and updating before hand, unless they are working offline within InfoPath.


I am using the infopath Form.
MontoyaProcess Improvement Mgr

are you saying that all your users are using InfoPath client? (as in InfoPath installed on their workstations?
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Robin HallSenior Web Solutions Architect


Depending on if there are any customized items in your form, you could force users to interract with it as a "Web Browser Form" which will limit some of their options.  The next thing you could do is turn off the Infopath Commands in the Ribbon.  This would remove the area that enables them to "Save" anything.  You would obviously need to add a "Submit" button to the form in order for them to add the item to the library.

If it has to remain in the "Infoapth Filler Form" mode (possibly if everyone has an infopath client), then you can still disable the Save button by following step number 4 below.

You can specificy "Web Browser Form" and "Infopath commands" by going to:

1.  From the document in infopath, go to the "File" tab and choose the "Advanced Form Options" button.  This will take you to the area in which you can make changes for your form.
2.  Click on the "Compatibility" cateory and change 'Form Type' to "Web Browser Form".
3.  Click on the "Web Browser" categoy and you can remove simply the "Save" and "Save As" options or remove the Command Ribbon all together.
4.  If it has to remain in "Infopath Filler" mode, than go to the "Filler Features" gategory and uncheck the options you want to disable.

Keep in mind if you remove or disable the save option, you will need to have a "Submit" button on the form.
Director of Business Integration
I think a better way is to put a field in the form that tracks the state.

Then promote that field in SharePoint.

Have you workflow based on the value of the field.

So when State = Submit for example then the workflow would engage.

Having a state field is nice anyway for hiding sections or customizing the views based on the status of the form.
Clay FoxDirector of Business Integration

Also then you can have the UI simpler for the user, they always use the save custom button to save but then based on state you control what happens to the form.

Much better than trying to teach them to save and submit etc.

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