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Easwaran Paramasivam
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I would like to get my hands dirty to learn Sharepoint 2010. Please do refer some resources/materials/whitepapers/links that REALLY help you a lot.

It would be grateful if the resources deal with PRACTICAL examples.

I prefer problem-solution kind of approach.

Please do avoid just googling and share the links. Thanks.
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I found that the best way to get familiar with SharePoint development was to simply try things out using the SP object model. A good starting point would be to take a look here:

Once you have a basic high level understanding of what the object model lets you do, then I recommend getting a single-machine SP farm setup and just experiment with the object model - try retrieving lists, manipulating them etc. You can experiments by creating console applications that reference the appropriate SP libraries, and as long as they target a x64 platform and are run within an SP farm environment, you should be fine.

Ideally you should get SP setup in a virtual machine environment - once it's setup, take a snapshot and you're free to do whatever you like. We found that it was pretty easy to mess up a stable installation so snapshotting a clean working environment allowed us to restore a working development environment pretty easily.

Once I had a basic understanding of SP and its object model, I bought the following book:

It's well written and to some extent takes a problem-solution approach that you're after. It takes you through setting up a SharePoint machine, introducing you to the object model and then looks at web part development, workflows etc. Well worth a look at.

Good luck!
ImaCircularSawTechnical Lead

A bit of advice on the subject, make sure you're REALLY familiar or better yet, get the config/admin exams done.  Time and time again I've seen a developer approach SharePoint and with a developer hat on, start writing loads of code to do things that can be achieved without writing code (which has the advantage of utilising standard, supported, tested functionality) or by tweaking forms and ASP.  Again, changing things in ASP is a lot more cost effective than writing code.

Moral of the story, don't write code unless you have to!
Well. Thanks for your input.

Could you please suggest where the exams (config/admin) need to take? Is there free online option there?
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ImaCircularSawTechnical Lead
2010 exams are:
70-667 - Configuration
70-668 - Administration

The links above have some great Microsoft materials, also the CBT nuggets are available for both: also has some great stuff with the added benefit that it's a developer driven website.  Both are paid for services though.

I passed 70-667 a month or two back and it was not too bad going, some tricky stuff.  Got 70-668 next week.  I would say to you, what's more important is that you understand the content, not pass the exam.

There is also a developer exam:

That might be the best place for you to start looking for development information.

Hope this is all useful to you!
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Wrox offers some quite useful Sharepoint dev books, some spezialized on specific topics e.g. branding, workflow.
If you want to get your hands on and you have a Hyper-V enabled server, then download the IW (Inormation Worker) Demo virtual machines from Microsoft directly.
or use MS hands on

Channel9 from MS offers a lot of videos


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