MSSQL 2008 Express DB to MSSQL 2005 or MS Access

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I use a few MSSQL Databases for my websites.  However, I would like to have the option to review them in Microsoft Access Professional Plus 2010 if possible.

The hosting company backs up the MSSQL databases daily in a zip file.  When I unzip it - I get a BAK file which I cannot use / open.  

I have upsized MS Access DB to MSSQL before but I did not know if it might be possible to downsize so I can have them locally.

Thank you!
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Does your hosting company give you login credentials so that in can create linked tables in Access to your SQL databases?
You can install SQL express locally, mount DB and work with it. Not clear what kind of backup made hosting company. I hope it is full backup and you should be able to open it without problems.
MIS Liason
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<I get a BAK file which I cannot use / open.  >
Then what good is this as a backup?!

Are you saying that you cannot use/open the file at all, ...or are you really saying that you don't know how to use/open the file?

If it is a standard SQL server .bak file, you have to extract it, then copy it where you want it.
Then open the SQL server management studio.
See here for more info:

Beyond this, remember that it is sometimes tricky to upgrade an Access db to SQL and even trickier to "downgrade" an SQL db to be opened in Access.

There are many SQL datatypes that have no direct equivalent in Access.
And access may not represent these values faithfully.

It may be easier/safer just to "Link" the SQL db tables to Access.

In Access:
External Data-->ODBC-->Link...
(Follow the rest of the wizards steps)

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They might do that - I use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to look at a few things.  I'll ask them if that is possible.

I am moving to another hosting company actually now (well in the midst of it).  They both use WebsitePanel

I do know the new hosting company backs up everything daily.

I have a few appointments but I will send these questions over to them and see what happens.



@ boag2000
I did find a KB when I was posted the other questions and it did seem that it might be supported.

I will try the link when I return to see what happens.  Usually, I always run into a problem everytime I try to move the databases.


I'll try to use the SQL server management studio backup utility and see if that will work

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