Mouse cursor Freezes when selecting shift button

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I have one machine out of 60 that has this problem. Often times, a user will need to use the shift key in combination with the mouse to select several files all at once. Everytime this happens, the mouse cursor freezes up.

This issue is repeatable, and it only locks up the movement of the mouse cursor. Everything else is still functional.

I have re-installed the Graphics drivers with new ones, Swapped mice, deleated and re-installed the mouse in the hardware manager...

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance
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When the cursor freezes up, what happens when you let go of the shift?  does the mouse then respond as normal?  or does it do something awkward or strange...?  Like for example you press the shift and then wiggle the mouse around trying to get it to move, but doesn't, and then when you let go the mouse does some weird movements (basically mimicking what you just did when it was frozen, like it stored the mouse movements temporarily for when you let go of the shift.  

Or is the mouse still frozen?  If still frozen, are you still able to use the keyboard commands?  Like Ctrl-Alt-Del?

Have you also tried to replace the keyboard?  Is this a USB mouse/keyboard? wireless?

Try booting into safe mode?  And then try the Shift and see if the issue persists.  If so, it's most likely a software issue.  Perhaps an infection or a program/driver interfering.
If that is the case, perhaps run some antivirus/antispyware type software.

Microsoft Security Essentials
Malwarebytes are some good programs to try.

Also going into MSCONFIG you might be able to eliminate somethings from startup to see if that also helps.


Good comments...

There is a laundry list of things to check here:

It is the Shift, and the Ctrl buttons that do it. Once locked, there is nothing short of re-booting that fixes it. No Wiggeling of any kind fixes it; logging off does not even help.

The mouse is USB, the keyboard is PS2. When frozen, everything else works.

It does not seem to lock up in safe mode (although I did not try it for long).

Next I will replace the keyboard and check MSCONFIG I use Malwarebytes all the time. I will try that tonight.

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Shift or ctrl with a mouse click causes the lockups right?
So like something you can CTRL-ALT-DEL...and load task manager?
Before you get the system to "lock up"...look at anything in the task manager that is running that may not look like it should be run.  End task on it?  Then try your method of what causes the lockups...

Do you have a USB keyboard?  You can run both the PS/2 and USB keyboard at the same time.  See if it works while the PS/2 may not?

When you say everything else works...what does that mean? The system is still doing it's work even tho you have no keyboard/mouse response?


Looks like the keyboard was the problem... Replaced the PS2 with a USB, and so far, no lockups...

...Go Figure!
WakeupSpecialist 1

nice...keep us informed if you have further issues! :)

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