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SQL select code to show records with highest Delivery number

I have the below basic sql select code but id like to only display the highest DeliveryNum records related to the the DocNum in the results. Ie only the DocNum line with the highest DeliveryNum number record shown

For example at the moment the results show 2 records both with Docnum 46182 and one record with DeliveryNum 2309 and the other record with 2320, but id like the results to only show one line with the delivery number: 2320

Is this possible?

SELECT [TrgetEntry]
  FROM [LiveDB].[dbo].[View_Driver]
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Jim Horn
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great, Thanks  jimhorn and the recommendation on the address field
Thanks for the grade.  Good luck with your project.  -Jim
Thanks, I had a little search on-line for reserved t-sql keywords but couldn't see address listed unless the lists I found were not up to date and address is a more recent word?.