Ms Access forcing field data types in Mkae Table query

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When running a saved Make Table query if I want to create a field not linked to any data I can use NewField:"" to create a text field or NewField:0 to create a number field.  However is there any way of doing the same to create Date or Currency fields and can you define the type of number field

Many thanks

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Whats the need for this?, in case there is an alternate approach.

As you stated, you can create a new filed in the query, but the datatype is not really etched in stone.

Just doing this: NewField:0
Wont necessarily stop a text value form being used

So my guess is that you can do something like this to create a date field:
NewDate: cdate(SomeValue)

Or if you want it too just "look" like a date:
NewDate: format(SomeValue,"mm/dd/yyyy")

Perhaps I am not understanding something, because a calculated field in a query typically calculates from existing fields.

You cannot really create a "New" field in a query.

(though you can create a query that creates a new field in the table)

Well you are OK with numbers...
you can do..
Newint:0       (creates long integer)
Newdbl:cdbl(0)    (creates a double)

But you cannot create a decimal field in this way. There is no representation available.

ANd for dates, you would have to supply a date value to force the creation of a datetime datatype..


Many thanks - Newdate:#2099/01/01# works a treat.  Any idea how you would do this with currency?
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use this for the currency format of Amount field

the same principle...

Using this technique, there isn't any way to set decimal places or currency symbol (AFAIK)


Many thanks - just what I was looking for
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<Using this technique, there isn't any way to set decimal places or currency symbol (AFAIK) >

it will follow your regional setting for decimal and currency symbol

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