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Wrong Logon Server

Hi everybody..  quick but strange question...

I rebooted our primary domain controller (also hosting DHCP) over the weekend, and this is occuring..  

1.  computers are now using the backups server as their logon server, rather than the primary domain controller.. how do i switch that back?

2.  the DC hosted DHCP, but the backup does not (I did not set it up this way)...  it seems liek now if if connects to the backup DC, i have to provide it a static IP address, or else it pulls a 192.168.x.x address and will not connect to the internet/network..  Once i provide it a 10.10.x.x network address, it works just fine...

I am running server 2003 for both Domain controllers...  Any suggestions?

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You need to run the ipconfig /renew to get ip from the DHCP.This can be done by using the pstool

1. Using PSexec from the PSTools package

Put the list of client system name in an text file and use the test file with the below command

PSExec @Filename ipconfig /renew
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Great... THanks... worked like a charm...