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where will i get BI Publisher word-ADD-IN exe

where will i get BI Publisher word ADD-IN exe
as i have to create a Template for Oracle BI Publisher reports
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some how i cannot login into 
as it is not accepting my password , where i can successfully login into
do you have the .exe which you can attach
>>do you have the .exe which you can attach

That would violate many license agreements...

>>where i can successfully login into

I would open an SR with Oracle Support.
yes i have opened an SR but you Know the severity is 4 and they ask so many questions for diaognistics before giving the final solution
Unfortunately we cannot help you with Oracle website logins from here.  Your account is either valid there or it is not.
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

i have to open TAR with Oracle
I'm afraid I have to object to your deletion.  The question asked was where to get the add-in.  I provided that information.

The fact that your username is not recognized by Oracle should not affect the answer to the question.