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Vcenter data store disk usage question

I'm constantly getting an alarm triggered for 'Datastore Usage on Disk'. It's saying;

Alarm Definition:
([Yellow metric Is above 95%; Red metric Is above 97%])

The total size of the datastore is 319GB. When I console into the virtual machine the disk is reporting there is 108GB's of disk space free. But, the datastore in Vcenter is saying there is only 8.29GB's of free disk space. I'm not quite sure where the mix up is coming from or what to believe. Any help in resolving/learning to understand this will be appreciated.

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the vm hdd if you didn't use thin provision will be at the size you set whereas thin provision use's it as needed

when your in vcenter its looking at the datastore

have you got any snapshots as these consume space on the datastore too
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the virtual machine disk you have created is thick and it occupies 319GB of the datastore, it does not matter how much space is used inside the VM. The virtual machine disk still occupies 319GB on the datastore.

screenshot the datastore and upload for confirmation.
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When I browse the datastore there are two files - a servername.vmdk (326GB) and a servername-ctk.vmdk (5GB).

The datastore is thin provisioned on an HP P4000 SAN. Looking at the datastore details within the HP SAN it's showing a reported size of 320GB and Consumed Space 682.13GB.
Yes, the alert is still there.

VMware sees 9GB of free space on this datastore even though exchange sees 100GB free on the D: drive. Is there a way to synchronize these two?
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there is no way to synchronise the two, they are foreign to each other.
Thanks, brwwiggins.

I contacted VMware today to clarify and you response is spot on.

Thanks again to everyone for you support and explanation.