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I currently have a SharePoint MOSS 2007 server here and I have a separate client portal that I want to setup certificate authentication on.  We currently have clients that want to push data there but want us to have Certificate Authentication setup.  I do currently have a CA server here but I am not sure where to begin.  I know I need a 509.k PKI somewhere in my infrastructure will my CA be this?

Goal is to have the client go to my CA and ask for a certificate.  We would have to approve the request and then it would install for them and would allow them to at least get to the portal to try and log in.  Without the certificate and a log in they could not access the site.

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Setup group policy to auto enroll the root CA for your server to your client computers as per the following KB:

Next, log on to the IIS server and request a new certificate.  You should get a TXT file that you can copy and paste into your CA to obtain a web certificate from your root CA.

Finally, setup a redirect on your SharePoint site so if someone types in http it will automatically redirect to https.


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