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Does anyone knows how we can import a secured PDF in Kofax Capture (mail importer)?
Or how we can remove the security of this pdf?

Thanks for your help.
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The short and unpopular answer is that it is very unlikely that you can.

The file is encrypted which is done via Acrobat security and any alteration is prohibited by the author. The alteration may in this case mean the extraction, by means of copy or otherwise, which is likely restricted.

Restriction can be applied for a multitude of options, such as printing, altering and even copying content out of the PDF. The exact level of security can be checked under the File > Properties menu.

If printing is restricted you are neither allowed to print the document for your own use, nor can you print it to another PDF as the encrypted content will force the Distiller to not create a new document.

If copying is restricted you cannot select any content or use the clipboard to transfer this anywhere.

I am not sure how Kofax extracts the information into readable format but as you guessed it the security settings are interfering. This means in all likelihood you will need to get the author's consent to access it properly, test it etc and for that he/she would need to give you the password to remove or alter the security.

This is as well the technical as more so the legal answer. I suspect the author has thought about whether the contents should be accessible and has decided to protect his copyright. This means you cannot legally alter or copy the contents in any way.

I would contact the author or the source of where you obtained this document and explain what you want maybe they will change the security level to one that works. As I don't know your relationship to the author I am not sure how easy or difficult this is. Alternatively you can test using Acrobat what level of security is workable on a differnet file that you control and then request the same workable security level from the author.

This would be my first approach.

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