Setting up a test web server with CentOS and WordPress

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I have set up a web server with CentOS and WordPress.  I can see the site on the box but can not see it from another machine on the local network.  The network in a windows domain.  Do I need to authenticate the server on that domain or can I run it on its own?  I have tried both ip and host name.  I can ping the ip but not the host name.  If I need to set it up on the domain how do you do that in linux?  Thanks.
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Well it seems you have multiple problems.

1) Something is blocking website from showing to the lan.  Probably iptables.  Try running the following command as root.

iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 80 -j ACCEPT

2) You have no DNS set up for the host.  If you already have a DNS server on the lan you need to add an A record.  I don't know what your infrastructure is so I do not know how to fix this for you.  But if you run the above command you should be able to see the site on the LAN by IP address.


That did it.  Awesome.  Thanks.

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