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We have had a domain controller / hub transport server die due to hardware failure. We have tried to remove this DC for AD by the use of NTDSUTIL and it just stays there when I try and delete from Active Directory Sites and Services I get an error message "Windows cannot delete object "Full Server Name / Path" because: the DSA object could not be found.

The old DC is not causing us any problems at present just gives errors when you use Exchange console or AD errors in the logs.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
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You want to verify who has what roles.

netdom query fsmo

Then start seizing with the following:

connect to server <seizing_dc_name>
seize infrastructure master
seize naming master
seize PDC
seize RID master
seize schema master

Verify your results with:

netdom query fsmo
In addition, go into Active Directory Sites and Services and delete old instances of the server. W2K8 does an automatic cleanup of the environment after you do this.

Force replication through AD Sites and Services or run:

repadmin /syncall


The dead server has no roles as all the roles have been moved to new servers.

When to delete from Site and Services is when I get the DSA object error.

Extra Information, we have successfully removed DC both prior and after the DC has died. I have a suspension that it could be something to so with the server been a Hub transport server as well as a DC,
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I just want to verify that you are deleting the non-existent servers correctly.

AD Sites and Services -> Site -> expand Servers -> expand non-existent server -> delete NTDS Settings


Did you verify your DNS network adapter configuration across your current DCs?


Metadata clean-up dose not work, when I list servers get the following

select operation target: list servers in site
Found 1 server(s)
0 - (null)

Yes that's how i'm deleting the non-existent server, all the DNS adapters are working and we are not having any DNS issues.
Fixed this by going into ADSI and deleting the old server from;


CN=Servers,CN=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX),CN=Administrative Groups,CN=XXXXXXXXXX Group,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=XXXXXXXXXXX,DC=co,DC=uk

The old dead server has gone and no errors on AD Replication.


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