Can not connect to Citrix Xen Desktop

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Hi Experts,

I am trying to build a Citrix Xen Desktop Lab, I have installed Citrix XenDesktop Server, so far so good I think. This is what I did
- I have install Citrix License Server and import license. From Desktop Studio I can see license 90 days Evaluation.
- I have add vCenter to Host section, added OK, no error
- I have create a VM-Win7 SP 1 64bit with full updated, also installed MS J# , Citrix Virtual Desktop Agent and joined to my domain
- I have snapshotted,it and Create Catalog with the snapshot I just did. I got 2 link clone of VM-Win7
- I go to assignments and assigned to a security group that I created with 2 test users.

- On my laptop, I had Citrix Receiver installed, browse to XenDesktop, it was OK
- Login with one of the user that I have assigned, it was OK, I saw 1 desktop available(as I assigned 1 per user)
-But When I try to click to the Desktop and what I can see is like a gear flash spinning. And I saw the message above it "Please wait while My Desktop is being stated. This could take a few minutes"

That is the whole senario I am having now, I would like to ask you what else should I check or trouble shoot to make this work?  Above is all the info I can think of, please ask if you need more info.

BTW, I have just checked in vCenter and all the VDI are running. Please help.

I have also just tried to log on my Ipad and I also can see 1 desktop available as it should be but when I tried to run it, it said "Resource Unavailable. Server is currently unavailable"

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I think it looks like a permissions issue, did you give your self permissions to access/login to that desktop? I mean is that desktop assigned to you?


Hi chkiran248,

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I do have permission access otherwise when I log in Xendesktop server, I would not see the desktop that assigned to me.

Or do you think I have misunderstood here?


Or is that particular desktop already have a user logged in via console? Can you create a new desktop and see if you are able to get either one of the desktop? I am not sure what else to think of...pls let me know...
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The description seems fine and do not have troubles in configuration. Which version of client do you use to connect the desktops?

However please check the followings...

Here in this case your controller sends to WI the desktop it assigned for your session. Now the WI should send ICA file to the online plug-in, which actually points to the vD on ESX.

Now if the issue is with online plug-in it canot establishes an ICA connection to the specific VD ... Please check the online Plugin.

Secondly your VD Agent verifies the license file with controller and quries the License server to check the valied session tickets.. Please check the VD agent- Reinstallation will do...
is you desktop up and registred with the broker server(DDC)?
you can check this with the desktop director.
if you deskto not registred after starting, check the eventlog and the desktop-agent logfile at the desktop.


Thanks all for your help, this link solved my problem finally

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