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Excel - Color coding a row or rows based on the value of one cell.

How do I write a macro that looks at column D and highlights the entire row based on that value?  The macro needs to look at the values of a certain cell and based on that value change the entire row to one color or another.

For example, I work on a list of quote requests.  The list contains requests from four different vendors.  Because the data on each row of the list is so similar, I would like to color code the row based on the vendor's name so that the line can be easily identified.

Specifically, Row D contains the vendors name. - The data on that row, extends from column A through BA.  A sample spreadsheet is attached.
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Do you mean column D?

How would you like to colour code each row?

This would colour the rows with VendorA in column D green, with VendorB red and VendorC yellow.

Sub ColourVendors()
Dim rng As Range
Dim cl As Range
Dim LastRow As Long
Dim idxColour As Long

    LastRow = Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row

    Set rng = Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A2:BA" & LastRow)

    For Each cl In rng.Columns(4).Cells

        Select Case cl.Value
            Case "VendorA"
                idxColour = vbGreen
            Case "VendorB"
                idxColour = vbRed
            Case "VendorC"
                idxColour = vbYellow
        End Select

        Intersect(cl.EntireRow, rng).Interior.Color = idxColour
    Next cl
End Sub

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Sample file not found. Does this have to be a macro or can you also use conditional formatting?
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I would like it to be a macro so that I can color the entire row line - not just the cell with the matching name.  I will try the first solution and see if that works.
Hello Imnorie,
Can you provide me with the color for light blue, light yellow, light green and tan?  As if I were to take a highlighter pen and highlight each line.  

You can use rgbLightBlue, rgbLightYellow, rgbLightGreen and rgbTan.
With conditional formatting, you can color the entire row line based on a match in one cell

So then it would be ?
        Select Case cl.Value
            Case "VendorA"
                idxcolor = rgbLightBlue

Yes, if you wanted VendorA rows to be coloured light blue.
When I plug in the idxcolor - rgbLightBlue all of the lines associated with that vendor are coded black.  Similarly, when I used the other rgb colors, they came up coded as black as well.
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