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Shaye Larsen
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I have a corporate google apps account with several calendars that I need to share with my free google account.  If I share it from the google apps account, all items show up on the free account as "free/busy".  It seems I can only truly share the calendar with accounts in my google apps account which have our corporate domain name.  Is there a way around this?  I want to share my google apps calendars with my free account and see all the details, be able to edit, etc from both.
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On page used to share your calendars, at bottom, you'll see an option to share with persons (last option) and an space to write e-mail of them.

If you write an e-mail (YOUR personal account) and choose any option till 3rd option (last is just free/busy to me) other e-mail person will see details... and closer the top, more privileges will have.

I'm the Corporate domain admin... not sure if it's your case... maybe corporate account admin has disabled this option for you!  See attached file for all options available to me!


If I do as you suggest, and select one of the first three options, it does add the person to the shared list, but it over-rides my choice and reverts the selection to "See only free/busy"

Yes, I am the corporate admin for our google apps account.
That's odd... It works for me. See attached screen (sorry I reverted back to Portuguese - my primary language!).
If you provide me with your e-mail, I could share it with you... but it's useless because problem appears to be on your domain.

I remember there are an option to "Allow users to share ??? outside domain".
It's on some screen of domain configuration. Just do not remember where, neither if it's for calendars or other things!

Found it!
It's on "Manage this domain"
Choose Calendar on left menu,
Choose last tab on right panel (Details)
It's below the URL, as something like sharing options


FYI, just talked to google support.  The problem is on their end, they are looking into it.

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