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Add data from recordset to array and sort by date

I have a recordset, "rsTaskinfo" which has a field titled "StatusDateTime" which lists the date/time stamp a person updated their status. What I would like to do is find the last entry entry.... the kicker, is the recordset is already sorted by a persons name, otherwise it would be easy.

My thoughts were to add all of the records to an array and sort that way... but I am not sure if that is very efficient.

What say you experts?
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Your solution is do-able, and was my first thought... I was just hoping to minimize trips to the DB is possible... however, it might really be more efficient to do that.

There is a more efficient way as far as the database to throw it into an array but the trade off is a little more complex code.  

Do you have 100,000's rows in the database?  Do you have 100's of people per minute accessing database? Does the query contain a lot of wild card searches?    I think what is "better" is personal preference and use.  If the actual usage is small, I think it is easier to go with the simple code.  

Without knowing what datafields you need it is hard to give you that option.  In short, you would create a dynamic array.

' open rs
    Dim demoArray()
    Dim counter
     counter = 0
    do until rs.eof
        ReDim Preserve demoArray(i)
        DemoArray(counter) = rs.field
       if not rs.eof then
          counter = counter +1
      end if
'close rs
' now that you have your array, create a function to check the array with each row of data in your display

Function  functionName( checkID)
      matchID = 0
     for each x in demoArray
         if x = checkID then
            macthID = checkID
        end if
end function
' the returned matchID can then be used to mark the record with the last update