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I have a user who has an Iphone and an Ipad and needs to sync the pictures synced on all both devices . What is the best way of doing this. I was told the cloud is the best way, but his does not have the apple cloud for now. So , here are my questions:

1. How do I sync both devices toghether without I cloude?

2. What has to happen if we need to do it on the cloud?

3. The user is replacing his old Ipad with a new once. What do I need to do to sync the old and new Ipad?
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1. I would use DropBox

2. Check into iCloud

3. Either DropBox or iCloud
yes you could use dropbox as suggested above. Simply the apple icloud is probably the easiest to get going. Icloud if kept under 5gb is a free account. Basically it just uses you apple id that you would use to sign into the app store for instace. So on both your devices you would setup icloud with that same apple id signing into both. Yes icloud will sync the pics, but in the settings you need to go to the photos section and turn photo stream on as well.

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