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I need to report 1 field on a crystal report in 3 of 9 barcode format.  I have the 3 of 9 barcode font on my system, but 3 of 9 needs to start and end with an asterisk. (*)  With that being said, I cannot just change the font.  Unless of course I have the wrong font or there is a 3 of 9 font that "builds in" the asterisks?!?  If so, please advise!  So what I did was create a formula to use the asterisks and report the field I need.  This is the formula I used.


This comes across as a string.  This field is numeric in the database.  The formula works great but places a decimal point and 2 zeros behind it.  I do not want those to show.  I can't figure out how to change it to not show decimal and zeros.  Usually in the Format Field, there is a number tab that will allow you to make the change.  It is not there.

So if someone could help me with the formula to remove the decimal and zeros OR point me to the 3 of 9 font that includes the leading and trailing asterisks, it would be appreciated!  Thanks!!!
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"*"  &  CStr({LRI_MOVE_MTRL_TICKET_REP\.CONTAINER_QTY},0,"")  &  "*"


"*"  &  ToText({LRI_MOVE_MTRL_TICKET_REP\.CONTAINER_QTY},0,"")  &  "*"


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