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looking for port scanner to scan outside IP addresses for open ports

Hi, I'm looking for a port scanner to scan outside IP addresses for open ports.  I need to go PCI (something to do with taking credit cards) compliant on a few of my sites and this seems to be the first step.

I have found some online that scan a single or small range, but I was looking for a local program that could scan a full range.

It dosen't need to be free, but hopefully not break the bank like GFI.

Thanks all.
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Look into Qualys to meet your PCI compliance needs.
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do they have a downloadable program, or just through their browser?
It's an actual physical appliance on the network which is accessible through a browser.
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really, the only requirement is to have an external account - so, any home ADSL will do - and run nmap, or something larger (such as openvas/nessus) that includes nmap.

nmap 6 just came out too, with full ipv6 support :)
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I would do this to see if my ports are open.

Scans some of the ports used similar. 

Just type

Scan:***.***.***.*** Then it will scan ports from the outside.

Telnet on the port.
Telnet ***.***.***.*** 25

If it could help you to your answer.
There are a wealth of free linux tools out there: - the catagory killer for port scanners - mostly-commerical vuln scanner, used to be completely free until they got sick of big-name scanning companies piggybacking on their work to sell commercial scanners with their libraries ebeddeed :( - attempt to produce a opensource replacement for nessus, partly successful.

Now, if you want a quick look, it might be worth taking these people up on their one-week trial deal:

for £1 (less than $2) you get a week's use of a virtual linux box, which can run a gui and the above tools, and if you decide to keep it, its £10/month thereafter.
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Thanks all, Net Tools did it, downloadable, scans ports and more.

It really does allot, but to do the port scan do the following.

Start – Net Tools Mini – scan tab – enter IP then 1-1028 (or whatever range)