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finding/uninstalling abby finereader????

hi experts,
 I have a dental software installed on one of my computers. The tabs in this software are funky for exaple the PRINT tab reads ????(P) and the NOTE tab reads ??(N). I talked to support and they told me that the cause is possibly because I installed a printer software and abby finereader was intalled as part of the package? either that or re-install the OS. They recommened to install on plc6 drivers. So, I need to know how can I find this abby finereader to uninstall it and see if this fixes the problem becuase I sure don't want to re-install the OS.
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If you go to Start->Control Panel->Programs (or All Programs, maybe), you should get a list of installed software. Within that list, you should see an entry for Abby Fine Reader. Right-click that entry and select "Uninstall".
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hello kaufmed, I tried this but I was not able to see/find abby fine reader.
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Fine Reader is only really bundled with AIO printer installers. Do you have an AIO printer attached? Have you installed a printer driver which might fit with the story you are getting from support?
hi masqueraid,

 what is AIO printer? I have a wireless samsung printer , a brother and I have a scanner attached via usb.
AIO = All in one -  a printer with scanning/fax/copying built-in
Abby could also have been provided with the USB scanner but were these already installed before the problem in the dental software turned up?
What's the dental package? Standalone or networked to a host/server?
ah ok, sorry. yea I have an all in one which is the brother. the dental package is networked with only 2 computers and computer 2 doest not have this problem. I'm not sure when it started. you recommend I remove that all in one software bundle and see if that fixes the problem?
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ok, i'll try that. nope just the dental software.
thanks! this worked!