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I need to create a VLAN to extend a wireless network

Basically I have two wireless networks in our building
1. Private Wireless for staff only
2. public wireless for everyone else

I've attached a document that has the basic network config that i'm looking for.

The problem is that since the public WAP needs to be plugged into the DMZ port of our SonicWall so the public only covers the front half of the building. I need Public access to the back half. I obviously didn't configure it correctly because the WAP in the back of the building isn't accessible.
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Right now the Public access WAP in the front of the building is plugged directly into the DMZ port on the firewall and works fine.
Doesn't your Access point have that capability built-in? Most newer routers have that. Now if you have that feature and you want your WAP to support VLAN then I would recommend getting Cisco Aironet series AP.
So not all WAPs support VLANs?
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Got it. Bummer. these are new WAPs.