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We are having issues with private meetings in conference rooms using Outlook 2007. The issue is if a person schedules a private meeting in a conference room, no one can see the meeting organizer. So when we are trying to schedule a meeting, specially the the rooms are webex enabled, we don't know who to contact about possibly using the room. Does anyone know if there is a way to make the organizer of a private meeting in a conference room known?

Please let us know.

Thank you.
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Sorry, no. The intent of the "private" feature is to prevent users from seeing things like the organizer and meeting details.



Would it be possible to override it by running this powershell cmdlet?

Set-MailboxCalendarSettings -Identity "5th Floor Conference Room" -RemovePrivateProperty $true
If your uses parameter, it will cause the calendar assistant automatically remove the private flag for any incoming meeting requests. This would allow you to see the organizer but would also take away any of the other protections that the "private" status offers. It would not allow the meeting to still be private but only display the organizer (it sounds like you are asking for that above). If it is okay to get rid of the private status altogether, this is an option.
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Unfortunatley Permissions on a Private Meeting are all or nothing.

Personally what I would do it open the meeting room in an Outlook Profile

I would then go to Tools>Options>Delegates

Here I would Add Specific Users who would be allowed to View Any Private meeting info.

For Example, IT Staff, HR, Group Managers, Company Directors ect ect

In calendar settings give them Review Access
At the bottom of the delegate access

Check Delegate can see my private items

Now what this will do is still Restrict most common users from reading the Private Meeting Data/Info of the meeting room

If someone needs to know or check the availability, they can have one of the desiganted Users have a look at the meeting.

If this desginated User determines the Requesting user should be privvy to the info they can then pass it on

If the desiganted user(s) determines the Info is in fact private, they can advise the end user accordingly

Now if you want to go one step furthur
The Designated Users can be given Editor Rights
They can look to determine if the meeting is in fact private or not
If its not, they will have the power to remove the Private status so other users can see it

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