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We are currently looking for a traffic monitoring solution for one of our clients, yet seem to be having trouble finding one that fits our needs. Essentially we need is a traffic monitor that can map to network traffic to both IP addresses and active directory logins. For example, if we have two users that log on to the same PC and only one is going to an inappropriate site, we would like to identify that specific employee.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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What you're describing there is more employee monitoring than traffic monitoring.

At the network level, traffic is IP-based. There is no way to determine at that level which active directory user made the request.

You need software installed on each machine which monitors what employees are doing and keeps track of what user is logged in at what time.

For that, I'd recommend Spectorsoft Spector CNE, or Spector 360 depending on your needs and the size of your organization (smaller organization = Spector CNE)

you need to get a proxy with authentication so that you can identify URL to user mapping in the proxy logs.
A possibility is to use MS TMG with integrated authentication
I would use Microsoft Network Monitor. It's free and you have the ability to filter traffic by protocol.
If you can send your netflow data to scrutinizer, you can view all the traffic. Scrutinizer also have LDAP and Active Directory Support.

For more information:’s-new-in-scrutinizer-v7-cisco-netflow-analyzer-–-part-3/

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