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Lenovo t420 gets knocked off network when other laptops connect.. why?

Hey guys. Ok here's the setup:

-Two Dell E6410's
-One Lenovo T420
-One other laptop.. I cant remember the name
-One desktop

All are connected wirelessly to the router except one of the 6410's until I come home from work, then I turn it on and connect. However when I do it knocks the Lenovo T420 off the network, everytime. Or it'll knock off the other 6410, and the T420, and the 6410 has to reconnect (the T420 is never able to reconnect until I disconnect my 6410). Any idea what's going on here? I use comcast as my internet provider (FiOS isnt available).
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Have you tried to uninstall the router, then reinstall? Might also be a firmware issue. What is the model of the router?
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Gajendra Rathod
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