CentOS 5.2 Cloud Server Backup

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I am planning on shutting down some cloud servers.  They are running CentOS 5.2

Is there a way i can take an image of the entire server and turn it into a bootable ISO just in case I ever need to refer back to the files on it?
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Short answer = yes, although it depends on how much data you're trying to save.

if you want an ISO image, you can essentially "dump" the entire contents of the drive into an image file with the dd command, the output of which can be piped through an SSH tunnel to your backup location. However, if you're using 20GB on a 500GB drive, dd will wind up sending all 500GB (you said you wanted an ISO image!).

Another option would be to use rsync to copy all of the files to another server (but not to their original locations).

A third option would be to use the standard dump/restore package to save each filesystem, and then rsync the (presumably compressed) file to the remote location.

Finally, if you're planning on shutting off the server, you may consider contacting the provider. Some are willing to send you the physical drive (assuming its not a virtual drive) via mail (UPS, etc) for a fee (essentially, the cost of the drive plus shipping).

I'm not sure why you never updated your cloud servers to CentOS 5.7 -- I've heard of no significant issues with any of those updates... but since you're shuttering them, it's not worth the time at this point!

I hope one of these options helps!


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