Will a Evga 680 be limited by z77 Mobo?

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I'm trying to decide between a 3770 with a z77 mobo or 3820 with a x79 mobo.

I just purchased a Evga 680 SC.

I don't know much about the technical side of it, but I hear that the PCI lanes for the z77 might limit it.

I'm not sure on a mobo for the z77 yet if I went that route...but if I went with a x79..I think I would go with this one because of the bang for the buck: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813138346

I'm mostly a gamer, light video editing, I run heavy mods at times though, and I am a musician who records if that helps any.

Any input would be appreciated.
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Consider that you also want a gaming-level processor....  I would first choose the CPU you want and then purchase the appropriate motherboard.  The CPU you choose will be a more decisive factor in the performance of the card.  I would personally go with an LGA 2011 mobo and an i7 3820 to compliment the card.
By the way...I would personally avoid Biostar.  The reviews are good (so far) for that model but I would try to look at boards made by Gigabyte or EVGA.  I've been using a Gigabyte for over 5 years and it hasn't failed yet.  Can't say the same thing for budget boards like Biostar but if you're going to spend $600+ on a video card and $300+ for a processor, you'll want to make sure that your boards are built with quality.  I've heard ASRock is pretty decent, and this one has support for up to 64 GB of memory:

The 680 won be bottlenecked by the z77 chipset unless you plan on doing a triple or quad sli setup. Also according to cpu benchmarks the 3770 is a bit faster than the 3820. But both are more than enough for current games. I agree about avoiding booster but id also avoid asrock aswell, i usually use Asus, Gigabyte and Intel boards and have also had good luck with Msi and Evga boards.
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That's reassuring but Asus has been the WORST motherboard I've ever known.  Here's a list of all the problems I've experienced with various Asus mobos:

*Boot time to Windows takes 10 minutes.
*Wont allow installation of anything.
*Going from 2 GB to 4 GB of DDR2 memory required a BIOS update and hard reset.
*Raid 5 support rendered the computer slower than 5.25" floppies.
*After market video cards won't work unless they're also ASUS.
*Only certain memory brands / combos will work with an Asus advertised as compatible with any latency.

Anyways, I could get into the details, and any mobo could have problems, but it's always wise to check reviews and let the public test a product before deciding to purchase.


If I were to get memory for these motherboards, what speed would you recommend? While it supports 2400OC, that's very expensive. I'm looking for something more around $100-150. Not the $250 for 2400OC speed ram.

I currently like my 12 gigs of ram, because once in a while I do run virtual machines. It looks like for a quad it would make it 16gigs.

But I think I want a second opinion. I think I will go with that mobo epichero22.
I read an article a while ago that compared the difference in RAM pricing with performance and concluded this: go with quantity over latency and choose a manufacturer that offers a lifetime guarantee.  The price/performance ratio is NOT economical at all for the more expensive RAM.  Besides, you can always try tweaking your memory's FSB to raise it a bit higher.

If you run virtual machines, and are going for the ASRock I mentioned, I would start with 32 gigs (4 x 8gb):


And at a later time purchase a second set of that when they go on sale / drop in price.

But you can try using your 12 gb in this board.


32GB that's crazy, and I'm getting that. You got me by the awesomeness factor of having 32 GB :P

Thanks for the help everyone!

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