Designing High Availability for SQL 2008, Exchange 2010 and IIS

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Dear All,

  I need your advise if possible.

Im planning a high availability setup for SQL , Exchange 2010 and IIS web server that have some systems on physical servers ( NO Hyper-V) and some with Hyper-V installations.

My plan
for SQL 2008 Database.

in Primary Site

Physical servers

1- (System 1)active/passive cluster  using Microsoft clustering  and the SAN is replicating to another SAN in the Disaster Recovery SAN with using third-party software such as DoubleTake

2- (system 2)  SQL 2008 server replicating to another SQL server in the Disaster recovery site using Database mirroring

Hyper-V setup

Exchange 2010, SQL 2008, IIS

Primary site
Two Hyper-V Host servers
- One Mailbox and one Hub/CAS on each host clustered using DAG.( two MBX, two CAS.Hub)
- IIS server on one of the  host server.
- One SQL 2008 replication in the DR site using Database mirroring.

Disaster Recovery site

Two Host servers running Hyper-v
- One Exchange MBX and one CAS/Hub
- One IIS configured with NLB with one IIS in the primary site.
- second SQL 2008 server configured using Database mirroring with the primary site.

my questions.

1- for my physical server in the primary site, I will have new IBM server in the active node clustered with the passive node which is also IBM but has a different configurations and model
Will the Microsoft cluster support different Hardware?
2- For hyper-V for Exchange 2010
 how may servers I need in the DR site to automate the failover or do I need to failover manually?

any other recommedations

Thanks for the supports
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Microsoft Senior Cloud Consultant
answer 1: you can use different hardware, but it's not recommended. i would say it depends on how different they are. Check the below link:

answer 2: for exchange you can have either one or two exchange servers on the DR site. It's up to you. You need one hub transport, one mailbox (part of the DAG) and one CAS.. you can NLB the Hub and CAS but only between machines on the same site. If the main datacenter crashes mailboxes will be mounted on the DR server, but you need to manually change the CAS server used by the mailbox databases to point to the DR CAS (one EMS command) and you need to change the internal and external mail flow to go trough the DR HUB. to small changes that you always need to do (by design) and in case of a total datacenter crash that will be the least of your problems.

hope it helps.



  but using Hyper-V for Exchange 201 cluster.

Can I keep one Mailbox or 2 in the primary site and one server CAS/HUB and in the DR site can I have only two exchange, 1 MBX and 1 CAS/HUB and the failover will be automated?

Antonio VargasMicrosoft Senior Cloud Consultant

yes. all the mailbox servers need to be part of a DAG and the failover is automatic.
For the HUB you dont need to do anything more than have all the connectors with equivalent configurations, and in case of datacenter failure change the mail flow to the HUB on DR.
for the CAS you need to run one EMS command in case of datacenter failure, and change the external services to point to the DR CAS.

as simple as that.

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