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Outlook 2010 hangs on startup

After searching the knowledge base have not found an answer.

Problem; Outlook 2010 hangs on loading profile.
Circumstances; On "some" Windows 7 Enterprise 32bit machines when starting Outlook 2010 it will hang on startup.

   Windows 7 32bit Enterprise SP1 and with all patches.
   Offices 2010 Standard 32bit with all patches except Office validation.
   Exchange 2003 Standard SP2 with all patches.
   Problem workstations seem to be limited to virtual desktops (VMView 4.6)
   VDI's have 2GB ram.
   Windows 2003 AD (2 DC's at HQ, 1 at each Branch).
   I have a AD group policy that redirects all users data to a NAS except for Start Menu, Search and Save Games.

Mailboxes are less than 500mb (usually between 150mb - 350mb).
I've checked connection status on Outlook and it shows no errors with both AD and Exchantge.

This is only happening with Outlook 2010 and Windows 7 but no problems with Windows XP and Outlook 2003.

It doesn't happen with all machines. Right now I am having it happen on about 3 or 4 out of at least 20 deployed.
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Try disabling/removing unwanted add-ins. File->Options->add ins
What do the 3 or 4 machines with the problem have in common?  Are they remote?

Can you turn on Outlook debug logging on the problematic machines and review the logs?
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-kcts- Only add-ins are microsoft, when I start outlook in safe mode it works fine. I'll try disabling others.

-neilpage99- Appears the only common is that they are VDI's, I'll enable the debug looging. What doesn't make sense is I've got for sure 3 that are problems 2 are in one VDI pool and the other is in another VDI pool. Other workstations in those pools are working fine.
Update- The one I was working on yesterday never would come up (wanted to see if it would regardless of time". Today that same workstation came up fine. Today will try the debug logging. I will post results after I get some logs.
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Because I stumbled on this by accident.