Need a solution to remote from a PC onto a Mac

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Everyone in our helpdesk is using a PC (Windows 7) and we need to have the ability to remote onto Mac (Mac OS X) users.  

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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems

David AtkinTechnical Director
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Commented: - You can get a free version and install it on multiple PCs / Macs

I use it all the time
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There's also teamviewer, which is free for home/personal use.

Don't do it by enabling sharing and using the freely available unencrypted VNC clients unless both systems are behind the same firewall or you know how to do ssh tunnelling.

If you're supporting more than 20 desktop mac users, I suggest that you get a $599(or less for older) Mac Mini for the help desk and get Apple Remote Desktop from the appstore for $79.  You can also download the free Microsoft Remote Desktop Client for Windows.  It's probably more worthwhile than using other paid 3rd party solutions and saves a lot of aggravation.  If you're not really supporting the users, and mainly just supporting the systems, then learning Unix commands and osascripting through remote ssh goes a long way.  You can install, modify, patch, change settings and just about do everything except view the user's desktop, which is more than sufficient for my needs.
LogMeIn Free and TeamViewer work perfectly with OSX and I've used both for Personal Use.

If you are a professional or company offering support then the Rescue Version of LogMeIn is excellent and works with OSX and much more .. I can highly recommend it -
Kash2nd Line Engineer

one way is VPN to the office network and then use VNC but it is a lot of hassle.

webex, logmein and teamviewer will do for you. we use logmein, it is better of the other two.


If I'm looking to use RealVNC Enterprise edition will I need to install the client on our Windows 7 systems and our Mac OS X systems?
You'll need to install the server on the Macs and the clients on your Windows 7 systems.
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems

Yes, sorry I missed your post.  The server sits on the machines you want to connect to.  The client is what you connect from.

I use RealVNC extensively on my Windows systems and it works very well.
There is NO need to install anything on OSX as the VNC server is built-in and the VNC on OSX should work with RealVNC
If you mean the built-in VNC that you enable through Screen Sharing, it's unencrypted.  You can use the free VNC clients to connect to that, but I don't recommend it unless all the systems are behind the same firewall and on the same secured subnets.

The reason you purchase RealVNC or Apple Remote Desktop is to get the encryption.

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