RAM Issue in Windows 7 64-bit

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Hello!  Just built a new PC.  Here are the specs:

ECS A55F-M2 AMD Hudson FM1
AMD A4-Series AD3300OJGXBOX Dual-Core A4-3300 APU
Patriot PSD32G13332 PC10600 2GB DDR3 (x2=4GB)
Windows 7 Pro - 64bit

I just realized that over 2GB of ram was showing up as "hardware reserved" in resource monitor.  Is there any way to free up this reserved ram?  The BIOS on this board seems quite crappy--there's no ram configuration available, only a setting for the video, which is set at 32mb.  If there's something I can do about this, I would be grateful for any help!
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No, hardware reserved is controlled by Windows 7.  But your board can accommodate up to 32 GB of RAM.  Why not go with a 2 x 4gb kit?  Check it out:

Do you have them in the correct order? Some Mobos are picky about what slots you put them in. If you have 4 slots on your Mobo, put the RAM in the same color slots (ex: slot 1&3).
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I only have 2 slots on the board, both are filled with exact same ram type.  I don't want to add more ram--the person I'm building this PC for did not pay for more.

Now, after loading BIOS defaults the situation is worse....  OS is now reserving 2583 mb of ram for hardware.  This is crazy!  Do you think it may be a bad board?

Usually that is the total RAM that your video card is taking.  There may be other devices that are reserving ram as well.  Even in 64bit environment, Windows reserves the video ram from the total ram installed.  If you are runnig a separate card for Video, your onboard video may be researving ram as well.  Try a BIOS update and see if you can see if you can find a setting disable your on-board video or reduce the amout of ram reserved.  You can have up to 192GB of ram in Pro, so an additional 4GB would do wonders for your system.


I have no video card--using onboard (32MB).  Here's what I just tried:

Removed 1 ram chip:  boot OK and full 2 GB showing
Replaced ram chip with the other in same slot:  same result
Moved the ram chip to slot #2:  result was NO boot
Swapped the chips in same slot:  still NO boot.

Mobo manual says I can use either slot-- so this looks like a bad board with a dead/faulty slot.

What do you think.....  should I RMA this board?
No, don't RMA it...if you can, return it for a refund or exchange it for a more capable board.  The board sounds like it's running as expected.  If that's how much your client wants to spend, you get what you paid for.
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john_square1--Perhaps of help.  See especially bdcrlsn recommendation here

This reference also suggests massaging the Max Memory, but has a different approach.


"Running as expected"......  2 gig chip works in one slot, but not the other.  Manual says I can use either slot, but I can't.  It's NOT running as expected.  Sounds like I'm returning this board and deleting this question as no one can give me an answer that makes sense!
Oh sorry, I didn't read it correctly.  That's what happens when you're EEing from your phone. :)

I would still say to get a different board ;)


jcimarron:  thanks for these links.... a few things there I might try!  I did most of them already, but I will let you know if the others work.  Thanks again!


OK, reset the CMOS and that didn't get the slot to work right either.   I'm returning this mother... "board", that is.

Thanks to all who tried to help!
By the way, if you're going with a new board, I would go with this motherboard instead:


The same specs more or less, but made from a much more respected manufacturer.

If you want to move up a step and get more memory support, you may want to look at this:


Good luck!

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