prevent another instance of exe to execute

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I build a app exe and save it in the network.
If a user has already launch the exe, is it possible to suppress the ability to launch another instance of the exe if it already running so to prevent multiple exe  hanging in the registry.
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If your application starts in a form (not a Main method), you can simply open the project's Properties window (Project menu), activate the Application tab, then Enable application framework and finally check Make single instance application.

If your application is more complex and/or need to start in a Main method, then use the following code at the beginning of Main:

Public Sub Main()

    If Process.GetProcessesByName(Process.GetCurrentProcess.ProcessName).Count > 1 Then
        MessageBox.Show("Use already running copy of the application.")
End If

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that worked. I did'nt know that..


I did it in design because I start with the form

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