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outlook font settings

I have a user that when she opens outlook and wants to see smaller fonts it does on some parts and not others. I set the font size in view, customize view and in all 3 locations have 8 PT. type yet some mail that comes in shows in the view pane as larger and on the left side under all mail items are larger than 8 pts and the settings are 8 pt. Please help.
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She just wants all parts of outlook to be the same font size. The left pane, middle mail pane and pane on the left.
you can also use CTRL and the mouse scroll wheel to adjust message font sizes.  In Outlook 07 you can go to View and Current View, Customize Current View and adjust the std 8pt font sizes there, that will usually modify most areas that are viewable.
I have shown her this, but it is her entire page that has differences. The type on the mailbox side is a little bigger and the inbox is 8pt. and the far right is about 14, yet all the settings in custom view are 12pt. in all three catagories.
on XP you should be able to go into Display Properties > Appearance tab and check font settings there, also on the Settings tab, checked the advanced option and the DPI settings, as this too might have been altered.  the MENU item in the Appearance menu adjusts most of the Outlook menus/display panes.

User might have been changing settings on her own....and made things worse.

in Outlook you also have under the View>Current View>Customise, look for Automatic Formatting and Other Settings.
Thanks. I will go give it a try.
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Bingo. Thanks. This gives me more information I can use on another issue as well. Great job.
no probs, you're welcome.